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Our ultimate guide for pet pampering

There’s only one thing that can make a summer day shine even brighter - enjoying it with your loving pet. With so many welcome excuses to frolic together in the sun - picnics, barbeques, beach trips, and more - we suggest pressing “paws” and devoting a few minutes each day to a summer grooming regimen that will keep your fur baby and healthy all summer long.

Today I’m going to spotlight ways to combine fashion and function so you keep warm and express your signature style! Your coat can be the most key piece in your winter wardrobe, so it is worth choosing one wisely. Whether you’re looking for a winter warmer, or a timeless trench, read on.

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection

The summer heat can do a number on soft paws. Shield your pet’s sweet feet from peeling, cracking, and abrasions with Musher’s all natural paw protectant. Perfect for cats and dogs.

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Portable Water Bottle

Hydrated dogs are happy dogs! The Humane Society recommends giving your dog water on any outside excursion to prevent heat stroke. This handy water bottle dispenses water into a trough to help you keep your hound hydrated without carrying around a bulky dish. There’s even a secret snack tray - what’s not to love!

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K9 Sport Sack® Air 2 Backpack Carrier

Never miss an adventure with this light and breathable backpack carrier. Pets up to 30 pounds can brave any hiking trail or take a “backseat” on your urban excursion with this convenient mesh carrier.

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Pride + Groom Shampoo

Did you know that your dog’s coat is his personal air conditioning unit? It’s true - fur regulates body temperature, making its care even more important in the summer months. Nourish your pup’s fur with high quality shampoos formulated for each fur type.
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Summer is a special season for you and your pet. But feel free to work these doting practices into your petcare routine all year long - extra cuddles are guaranteed!