School's In!

(And it's Still a Great Time to Play)

In this back-to-school season, parents are on the lookout for stress-free ways to give their kids a running start. Lucky for your little ones, the latest education research shows that play is one of the sure fire ways to ignite your kiddos’ love of learning. 

You can sneak some additional educational value (and some guilt-free me time!) in after school with these innovative educational toys and playsets from Kappa Toys

Back to school
Back to school
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For the One You Are Sure Should Skip a Few Grades:

Human Skeleton Mould and Paint Kit
Start grooming your child’s inner “Doogie Howser” with this DIY cast and paint set that lets her put the whole human body together from the bottom up. Kiddos as young as 3 can enjoy this one. 
For the One Who Keeps Dissecting Your Appliances:

Plastic waste is destroying the world

Make a Catapult Kit
Budding engineers will enjoy partnering with siblings or parents to assemble this intricate and fully functional catapult. Educational and fun - bombs away! Suitable for ages 12 and up. But probably not suitable for living rooms.

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For the One Who Draws on the Walls:

Great Paintings by Women Artists Coloring Book
Help your blossoming artist explore the greats and stay in the lines with this fabulous coloring book that’s fit for all ages.

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